M. K. Theodoratus, Fantasy Writer

Black Tail, Renna's Pet Pig


Cavern Between Worlds

All wildlife has disappeared from a rookery far from Half-Elven shores. Voron, a disreputable ship’s captain, asks permission to investigate the mystery deep in enemy territory. Intrigued by the discrepancies in his projected image, Captain Hattenel, of the Half-Elven rangers, decides to join him in spite of breaking the rules. Together they explore the mystery—only to be land in an alternative world of dog-headed magic workers. The trick is to safely return to their own world before Hattenel’s leave is up.

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Once gallivanting young elves mated with psychic human women of the Far Isle, resulting in a population of Half-Elven. The elves abandoned their offspring, who struggled to survive in a hostile world...until Mariah fought against the Half-Elven genocide after the Suthron king died under mysterious circumstances. After she, Ashton and Linden won the Rebellion against the Regent's army, the Half-Elven began a new struggle: to create a land where those with magic and those without could live together in peace.

The Foiling of Gorsfeld

Gorsfeld, scion of the richest family in the Marches, needs a life-mate with strong elven skills since he possesses only glimmerings of magic. When he comes a courting the young Mariah, he refuses to take "no" for an answer.

Mariah needs to discover a way to discourage her unwanted suitor without breaking the code of hospitality or making her foster father angry. This is the first encounter of Mariah and Renna with Gorsfeld. A short story set in the times when Mariah was a young striping, before the Rebellion.

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The Far Isles Half-Elven Stories

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Fighting and chaos are no strangers to Mariah. Four hundred years after the Half-Elven Rebellion, turmoil has worn her down. But she must face her problems alone. Ashton, her ring-mate, has gone spying on their southern enemies. She fights with Linden, the ruler and Ashton’s brother and her former lover, constantly. Tired of the bickering, she seeks a peaceful life as a healer, but she cares too much for the fate of the Marches to stay out of politics.

When sea raiders attack her daughter’s family, Mariah falls apart from the stress. Ashton feels her distress and uses his elf magic to return to the Marches. As her anger rises, he urges her to go hunting for vengeance against the killers. Only they discover a strange new magic that threatens all they hold dear. Can they convince Linden there’s a problem?

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Troublesome Neighbors

Lord Gorsfeld preys upon his neighbors, but he covets Lady Renna’s lands. When she rejects his suit, his hirelings increase their attacks her villages.

A veteran of the Far Isles Half-Elven’s Rebellion, Renna wants to live in peace and build her weaving business. But she’s duty bound to protect her people. Can Renna find a way without fighting—a way to stop Gorsfeld on her own terms.

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