History of the Far Isles Half-Elven


Artwork:  Igor Glushkin

Who Are the Far Isles Half-Elven

The Far Isle Half-Elven came to when randy young elves shifted planes to the forbidden Far Isles and mated with the psychic women there. Afterwards, they abandoned both the women and their half elf children. The resulting "magic" or elvish skills caused fear and loathing among the normal humans of the Far Isles.

Successive Archbishops launched pogroms against all with elf skills, especially the Half-Elven with full elvish features--sharp teeth, cat eyes, pointed ears, dark hair. The Suthron militias, known as the Hounds of Rightieousness, harassed the  Half-Elven until many clans fled into the northern wilderness where they could live in relative peace.

Teemon, son of an elf lord, torn between having a good time and pursuing a renegade elf. He discovered Jessamel, a psychic human beauty who lived in the northern forests. The elf had partnered with her, happily until her more magically powerful sister returned from visiting relatives in the south.Teemon found he preferred Danena. Being rather feckless, he formed a triad and fathered a son on each woman--Linden and Ashton Teemonsson.

When the King of the Far Isles was assassinated by magic, the human rulers blamed the Half-Elven. The Hounds of Righteousness intensified their persecutions, determine to exterminate all who bore elf taint. The mass exodus of the Half-Elven as well as the human members of their families  began. Linden, Ashton, and their friend Mariah, grew up fighting against the Hounds and rescuing the elf-tainted who fled to the north.

The young Triad--Linden, Ashton, and Mariah--became the leaders of the Half-Elven Rebellion after Teemon was recalled to the Elf Lands. They founded the Marches as a safe-haven. The elders of the time schemed to keep feudal power in the hands of the original families who owned large tracts of land and away from the young rebels. The Triad also fought among themselves because Mariah nurtured a soft spot in her heart for unmagical humans.

In a compromise to end the conflict, Linden became the ruler of a semi-feudalistic society. The Feld family, who had led the elders did not lose their lust for power and continue to plot for control of the Marches.

400 years afterwards, Linden still ruled the Half-Elven. But time has diluted the strength of elvish abilities in the population. In the later stories, differing levels of elvish skills (aka "magic") plus political and social change have fractured Linden's dream of a peaceful Marches, a dream he refuses to give up.

The history of the Far Isles Half-Elven is the story of the many fights among Mariah, Ashton, and Linden...with Renna, Mariah's friend, always ready to tell tales about them


Ashton          Mariah          Linden


Determined to build a safe-haven for their elf-tainted people, the Triad--Mariah, Ashton, and Linden--rebelled against the genocide of the Half-Elven. Unfortunately, living in a threesome gets complicated. The former comrades-in-arms began to fight with each other over how to rule the country they created. This led to their estrangement, making the history of the Marches the story of their many fights.


A Half-Elven foundling able to work magic while still in her swaddlings, was rescued from human religious fanatics and taken to the far northern wilds by her human foster parents. She grew up on a farmstead not far from where the elf lord, Teemon, lived and the Ren family along Ren creek. As soon as she was old enough, she got into trouble for saving refugees fleeing north from the Suthron slaughter. Later, she formed a triad with Ashton and Linden...until Linden discovered a more compatible partner, who didn't question all his decisions after he became the ruler.


the younger son of Teemon who endured as Mariah's partner and fathered her children, was the most hot-headed of the three. He experiments with new ideas, a trait that alienates him from his more cautious half-brother. He eventaully avoided an all out war with Linden by takding advantage of his human features and fleeing south to spy on their Suthron enemies.


the more prudent and traditional of the half-brothers, was shamed into helping Mariah and Ashton protect the Half-Elven refugees. After the Rebellion was won, he was chosen as ruler since he was Teemon's elder son. When Mariah needles him to adjust to a changing world, Linden grew so angry he threw her off his council of military advisers. It takes centuries--when the Half-Elven are attacked from all sides--before they reconcile their differences.


The Far Isle Half-Elven

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Magic and fantasy have been part of my life since I can remember.  Only difference: today, I share the fantasy stories I make up with others. I hope you like the samples of my Andor and Far Isles Half-Elven tales.

The Far Isles Half-Elven

Author's Note:

Creating the Far Isle Half-Elven started my current fantasy writing phase when I started exploring the effects of genetic drift on a hybrid population of elves and humans. If you like historical fantasy stories set in alternative worlds, you should take a peek.

I like my grumpy half elf-half human population so much I can't stay away from it even though I write mostly in my world of Andor now days. [And no. Mariah isn't my alter-ego.]