My fantasy stories are currently published as e-publications and are short stories and novellas, some of them free. I now have work up in both my Far Isles Half-Elven and Andor worlds. Most of these are self-published as I once work to build a fantasy writer platform, prior to the formal publication of "There Be Demons",once scheduled for Summer 2014. Unfortunately, the indie publisher went out of business before the novel was published.

The result is several e-stories set in the world of Andor where demons prey upon humans. Here, gargoyles work with angels to fight off the demon invasions into the human planes. Humans with magical powers also fight the demons on their own without celestial help since demons find humans with powers especially tasty. Some just have strange talents like seeing ghosts, like Dumdie Swartz.

My Far Isles Half-Elven world developed from my wondering what would happen over time to the social structure of a mixed elf and human population. Genetic drift happens causing all sorts of political and personal conflicts among those with no magical talent, those with varying degrees of talent, and those with full elvish powers. My stories center around the characters Mariah and Renna, both powerful and long-lived. If I ever get around do it, I also have a couple of novel drafts featuring Kerry, Mariah's granddaughter.


You can also find extended excerpts of my published work in the Excerpts section where you can read a larger sample of my fantasy stories than is normally given.

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Magic and fantasy have been part of my life since I can remember.  Only difference: today, I share the fantasy stories I make up with others. I hope you like the samples of my Andor and Far Isles Half-Elven tales and buy one or more.

I also blog about books, mostly various forms of fantasy, at
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Black Tail,

Renna's pet pig

See: Far Isles Half-Elven stories for more information about them.


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Black Tail, Renna's Pet Pig