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Magic and fantasy have been part of my life since I can remember.  Only difference: today, I share the fantasy stories I make up with others. I hope you like the samples of my Andor and Far Isles Half-Elven tales and buy one or more.

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But, First, Some Backstory:


Yeah, I think readers deserve more than a couple pages of any story before they plunk their money down, especially when they are looking at the author pages of pipsqueak writers like me. So, I've decided to offer longer samples of my fantasy stories to people who visit my fantasy writer website.

Read and enjoy the samples of my fantasy stories, both the darker, demon-ridden Andor and my grumpy Far Isles Half-Elven ones. All my stories, except for the free one, cost only 99c.

Excerpts from My Fantasy Stories

The Far Isles Half-Elven Stories

Troublesome Neighbors

[set soon after the Rebellion]


[a prequel to Dark Solstice: Turning Point

set 400 years after the Rebellion saved the Half-Elven from genocide.

The Andor Stories:

Where Demons Prey Upon  Humans


Showdown at Crossings

The Ghost in the Closet          

Doom Comes for a Sold Soul

Noticing Jamilla   

The Ghostcrow


Once upon a time, an interviewerasked me to sum up who I was in one sentence.

My answer:  I'm a grumpy old ladywho happens to be a pipsqueak fantasy writer -- and one of the things that annoy me is getting short changed when I buy something.