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I’m one of those early writer types. Wrote my first novel in the sixth grade. The teacher demanded a short story for an English assignment.  She got am unfinished Nancy Drew pastiche -- "The Clue of the Clay Cats" -- and gave me a "C" because, at 25 handwritten pages long, I hadn't finished the story.  [Most of the other kids only wrote two to four pages --  *snarl*, *snarl*. Do you think the grade still bothers me?]

By the next summer, I had finished a novel-length story.  Even borrowed my mother's typewriter to type it.  My one reader -- the children's librarian -- thought it was pretty good.  So, I wrote more short stories for fun.  Even sold some to the children's story sections in a couple newspapers. They are buried in the sands of time.

                      Writing fantasy stories became addictive. You are now seeing the result.

My grumpy Far Isles Half-Elven were my first fantasy effort in my current writing career. I got intrigued by the effects of genetic drift in a hybrid population of humans and elves. The conflict between magic-users vs normal humans is a cornerstone of my story lines, with Mariah being the champion of treating mere humans equally with those wielding magic. The result: my Far Isles Half-Elven break genre conventions. My reviews said so.

Recently, I've been writing short fiction in my alternative world of Andor -- where demons and magic plague human kind. I started writing about Andor to support a novel -- "There Be Demons". Once I had an indie publisher for it, but the principle got sick. They closed their doors before the edits were done. But I did get several short reads self-published related to the world of "There Be Demons". Again, I broke a lot of cliches in the writing.

The result: I've published a number of long fantasy short stories, aka short reads, about half-elves, gargoyles, demons, ghosts, demons and other paranormal creatures. You can find "previews of stories to come" on my "WIP Snippets".

Little known fact. I still have my 25c A. Merrit and Andre Norton paperbacks I bought at the local used hardware store when a teen. Yeah. The paper stinks...but still read them.

Pretending something or other has been part of my life ... like forever. I started telling fantasy stories after an imaginary friend began playing with me on the front porch when I was about three. By the time I was in sixth grade, I was reading any story connected with magical worlds, ghosts, witches, and things paranormal, though I didn't much care for vampires. Still don't, with few exceptions. Then, a teacher introduced me to the idea that I could write down my made-up stories in stead of just acting them out.

Yeah, I've done the fantasy story thing since an early age. After playing with Jerome as a little kid, I discovered the world of comics, thanks to a family friend who gave me his after he read them.  I begged, borrowed, and traded every comic book I could lay my hands on ... even Tales from the Crypt which I hid from my mother. My fantasy reading took off when I discovered the L. Frank Baum Oz books at the library. I loved his female characters being the strong, sensible people in his stories. The strange creatures and lands just added to the fun.

Welcome to My Fantasy Worlds.

Magic and fantasy have been part of my life since I can remember.  Only difference: today, I share the fantasy stories I make up with others. I hope you like the samples of my Andor and Far Isles Half-Elven tales and buy one or more.

M. K. Theodoratus,
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