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The Newest Andor Novelette:
The Ghostcrow

Young Dumdie Swartz has always hated seeing ghosts, but she learns there’s something worse than specters when a demon decides it wants to possess her.

A prequel to The Ghost in the Closet.

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My Far Isles Half-Elven World

Visit the dedicated Far Isles page for back story and history about Mariah and Renna. While I have novel-length wips in my computer, my published work takes the form of fantasy short stories.

Magic and fantasy have been part of my life since I can remember.  Only difference: today, I share the fantasy stories I make up with others. I hope you like the samples of my Andor and Far Isles Half-Elven tales  and buy one or more.

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Blurb:  After four centuries of political infighting with Linden, the ruler of the Marches, all Mariah wants is a little peace and quiet. Then, privateers attack her daughter's family, leaving Norerah at death's door. Mariah’s anger boils over. Ashton, her ring-mate, and Mariah seek vengeance, ignoring Linden’s decrees, only to discover a strange magic that threatens every thing the Half-Elven hold dear. 

Sixth Sample of On the Run

8 August 15

[from the 7th chapter

when Pillar is on her way to the Bittermounts

to learn more about her mysterious father.]

Pillar groaned as her eyes fluttered open and snapped shut. The Vent had been a big mistake. Her mouth felt like a wad of cat fur. She sucked the insides of her mouth, but no moisture came. The rising sun beat against Pillar’s face through the bus window, but she lacked the energy to move to the aisle side.

Bummer. Only three beers, and I got hangover mouth.

Feeling disgusted with herself, Pillar rested her aching head against the seat back as the bus fumes and swaying bus made her stomach churn. Last night she had pushed by the two packs of kids to sit in the back. Her head threatened to explode every time the bus met a bump in the road. She tightened her eyelids, but the morning light penetrated them with a rosy glow. The bus filled with hushed murmurs as people woke up. Both mothers were shushing kids as they handed out food.

She cracked open her lids. Coral clouds dotted the green-tinted sky, promising a pleasant day. Rolling hills and copses of broad-leafed trees filling the dips speeding by the window. With each waking blink, horror pulsed through her. She had slept through the western mountains and was on the eastern side of the Inner Sea. Pillar groaned. She had missed her transfer point to the Seasedge terminal.

 “Well, well. The Sleeping Beauty awakens.” The dry voice across the aisle cackled. “If you hadn’t moaned so much, I’d’ve thought you dead.”

 Pillar glared at the gray-haired woman with an elaborate topknot sitting like a hat on her head. A gnarled finger pointed towards her chest as the hag shifted her weight around to face Pillar. A couple curious passengers glanced back but didn’t stare. The woman’s body looked as soft as an over-sized pillow and as welcoming as a grandmother with milk and cookies. Alarms in Pillar’s head went ding, ding, ding. Her eyes blinked slowly as she tried to understand how the friendly woman could threaten her. The woman, with her greenish aura, barely showing on the surface of her skin, felt like a complete null.

The fervent gleam in the woman’s eyes made Pillar feel as vulnerable as a vole with an owl overhead. The woman’s mouth twisted into a half-smile, giving her look of triumph. She licked her lips with a tongue that seemed too long. After a scowl, Pillar crossed her arms across her chest and slunk down to face the window. Her eyes shut against the streaming light.


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Black Tail, Lady Renna's Pig

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In spite of her foster mother’s high hopes, Pillar Beccon graduates from high school a null, with only a trace of magic. Pillar has resigned herself to leaving the Freemage community where she grew up to become a Kingscourt flunky. But when an unexpected chance to learn more about her mysterious birth family appeared, Pillar grabs the opportunity. Only to learn her beginnings are more complicated than she ever dreamed. The demon chasing her across Andor is a minor complication.