Fifth Sample of On the Run

18 June 15

[from the 4th chapter, after Pillar returned home

After an unwelcome meal, made miserable by Mari’s mother’s cooing and flattering the visiting elder, Pillar dumped her backpack on the counter. The woman had gushed so much, it was a wonder Delia hadn’t thrown up. Sometimes Delia’s status as Chief Councilor of the Osseran community was a bore. Pillar took a deep breath of mixed herbs, hanging from their racks on the ceiling, and sunk into the quiet comfort of Delia’s kitchen. The old-fashion arrangement contrasted with the gleaming metal of the appliances and counters. 

What a suck-up.

The fussy woman had insisted on treating the Delia to dinner after her foster mother had picked up the teens rides back from the local bus station. Mari’s mother had insisted. Her eyes had hungered for the honor of hosting the elder as much as Pillar’s growling stomach.

Pillar could hear her breathless voice. “But you made the long trip to Osseran.”

Trip to her house took less than a half hour.Keeping her “good manners” intact had tortured Pillar, but she didn’t want to create any problems for Delia. The old men of the Council had elected her because they couldn’t agree among themselves who should lead, thinking Delia soft, yielding, and easily manipulated.  Pillar could have told them Delia had a steel backbone, not that they asked her or would have listened to a teen without a cit badge.


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