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Magic and fantasy have been part of my life since I can remember.
Only difference: today, I share the fantasy stories I make up with others.

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Visit the dedicated Far Isles website for back story and history about Mariah and Renna. While I have novel-length wips in my computer, my published work takes the form of fantasy short stories.

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Newest Andor Novelette

The Ghostcrow

Young Dumdie Swartz has always hated seeing ghosts, but she learns there’s something worse than specters when a demon decides it wants to possess her.

A prequel to The Ghost in the Closet.

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"A thoroughly enjoyable read!"

"interesting and highly compelling"

M. K. Theodoratus Fantasy Author

New cover revised edition



Third Sample of On the Run

[The girls are still in the bus station.]

After putting her purse on the counter by the kitchen sink, her foster mother turned, rotating her shoulders. After stretching her clasped hands to the ceiling, Delia scratched under the bun at the nape of her neck. “I’m going to enjoy a cup of cocoa on the patio. Care to join me?”

With a shrug, Pillar concentrated on slicing an apple to go with the potted cheese she had pulled from the fridge.

“I’ll make enough for two. It’s obvious you’re still hungry.” Delia reached for a pan hanging from a hook on the wall. “Then, you can tell me what really happened today.”

Glad that her foster mother’s piecing gaze focused elsewhere, Pillar grumbled under her breath.


“Said nothing much.”

“Nothing much can cover a lot of territory when teens are let loose for a day.”

“Why the third degree? We got home safely, didn’t we? Isn’t that proof we can handle ourselves on our own.”

Dread filled Pillar as she imaged being confined for the summer to the small community of free mages tucked into the narrow valleys around Osseran. One word from Delia, and she wouldn’t travel farther than the berry fields all summer. Still, Pillar didn’t resent her strict rules. Thoughts of the other couples, who had offered to take her in after her mother’s death, made Pillar shudder.

“Pill. Don’t give me a bunch of guff. I’m tired.” Delia smiled as she shook her head. “But, I can wait until we’re settled to hear it. I’ve got news of my own to share.”

“Did my cit badge come?” Pillar jerked around to face her. “Nothing was said at dinner.”

“You’ll just have to wait.” Delia chuckled at Pillar’s stormy expression. “It’s called tit for tat, kid.”

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