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First Review: "The author takes the unthinkable and unlikely characters and gives you the adventure that takes them to being heroes."

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My Reading Adventures:

     Have been re-reading more than reading new stuff. Just finished Lori Foster's Servant or Paladin trilogy. Don't know how many times I've re-read it, but I think the series is under appreciated. Great villains, and she makes her secondary characters stand out as individuals. Well worth looking for.

​R. S. Belcher's Nightwise is calling me. Guess I'll be staying up late real soon. Can you imagine books more different in tone?

You can read my comments on Nightwise by clicking here.

Read the Prequel

Night for the Gargoyles,

the short story that launched the world of Andor.

[Free Short Story First Published in Spectra Magazine, 2010]

Demons are on the prowl.

Will the​ Gargoyle Guardians rise to fight them?

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There Be Demons is finally published, and promo has been eating up my time. Have even done a podcast on The Daily Author. Not only did I chase tangents, but I sounded like an old lady. [Guess that's because I am an old lady.

Reviews: Night for the Gargoyles

"I was completely drawn into the story immediately and found myself connecting with many of the characters."

"A good urban fantasy short story. I like seeing gargoyles in a modern setting, and the plot has potential for a lot more."

​​​​​Demon invaders from Gehenathh overrun the city of Trebridge. Gillen, the lodestar of the four gargoyles protecting the city, asks for reinforcements. The Angeli commanders send him four untrained teens from the projects. What could go wrong?

After her parents’ divorce, Britt Kelly is forced to live in the projects, often dreaming of getting revenge on her father who abandoned his family. When the Angeli commanders draft her and her friends to fight beside the gargoyles in The Demon Wars, she battles Gillen as often as she does the demons.

The fate of Trebridge and humankind hangs in the balance. 

Have re-read E. C. Tubb's Dumarest book--Temple of Truth. Since it was written so long ago, I'm now reviewing it per se. Got interested in it when I asked the head honcho of the family lending library to see if he could find the last two books in the series. I assume he'll have fun digging since the books were probably only published in Britain.

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Black Tail, Lady Renna's Pig

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Magic, fantasy, and make-believe have been part of my life since I can remember.  Now I write about a weird mix of gargoyles, demons, magic, and elves in my Andor and Far Isles Half-Elven stories.

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